Highclere Medical Services

The Family Medical Centre

Family Medicine

All aspects of general practice

Emergency Medicine

Including suturing, ECG, wound dressing

Children’s Health

All paediatric care including immunisation & assessments

Family Planning

Contraception advice, pregnancy testing & counselling

Women’s Health

Antenatal care, pap smears and advice & menopause

Mens Health

Checks for blood pressure, urine, cholesterol & skin checks. Prostate cancer screening, lifestyle advice and vaccination

Elderly (from age 70)

Yearly checkups including blood pressure, urine testing and skin cancer checks

Life & Health Promotion

Weight control, smoking cessation, diabetes, asthma, ECG, travel advice and vaccinations, skin, prostate and cervical cancer screening

Medical Examinations

For pre-employment, Workers Compensation,  Motor Vehicle Accident, x-ray & ECG


For personal, relationship and sexual problems


Traditional Chinese acupuncture for persistent pain, muscle/joint problems and spinal tension

Intravenous Iron Infusions

For iron deficiency anaemia

Dermatological Surgery

Skin biopsies, removal of abnormal moles and skin lumps, cryotherapy of warts and sun spots

Cultural backgrounds

Patients encouraged to advise GP of cultural background to tailor care for them. We ask that you advise the practice of your emergency contact in case of an urgent situation

Online appointment booking

For easy online booking with a choice of appointment slots

Highclere Medical Photo
Highclere Medical Photo
Highclere Medical Photo

Our mission at Highclere Family Medical Practice is to provide the highest standard of patient care in an environment that is conducive to the diagnosis and management of illness.


Skin Clinic

A specialist Mole & Skin Clinic for the detection, diagnosis and removal or treatment for skin cancers and other skin conditions.


Sleep Clinic

Sleep is important. We offer treatment and diagnosis for sleep disorders and conditions. We are focused on achieving a good night sleep for our patients.

Cosmetic Clinic

Our cosmetic clinic in Marangaroo provides a range of cosmetic procedures to enhance, refresh and protect your appearance.


Specialist Centre

Our specialist centre opens up a wide range of additional services dedicated to provide for your wellbeing and continued support.